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So my daughter is now on summer vacation. I am determined to have fun this summer. I know inevitably I will end up overdoing it, but I will not just sit around. I am trying to be smart and spread out our activity’s to give me at least one day of rest in between. Today we are going to the local water park, I do good in water, and there is a hot tub there so that should be nice. Then on Wednesday the Zoo, I will make our pass worth it! Then this weekend we are going to go down to the Riverwalk for the Riverdays ¬†festival that is going on. She hasn’t ever gone to a carnival so I told her we would go to at least 2 this summer. She is over the moon about our plans, just hoping that I don’t have a flare up and have to cancel anything. Really don’t have to many plans that have to be done on certain days, Not until the Renaissance festival anyways, that is a must do!

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  1. thefragileporcelaindoll said: I’m so looking forward to the renn faires this summer! I hope you’re able to do all that you want to do!
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